10 October 2016

The Gladiators.WT 2016 Championship Results

The Gladiators.WT 2016 Championship Results

Tournament Bracket RB                                          Tournament Bracket SB

The Championship has ended. For almost a month, the best teams fought in the skies of War Thunder. The level of suspense, will to win and changing fortune was unprecedented in this tournament. In Realistic Battles mode, pilots showed a whole new spectre of skills and understanding of the air combat. Japanese team wins the silver for a second time in the Simulator Battles mode - that is stability that confirms the excellence of the Japanese way of team-dueling air combat.

We congratulate the Champions and winners of the tournament!

Results of the Gladiators.WT 2016 Championship:

Simulator Battles mode:

    1st place: =URAN= Russia

    2nd place: -WILCO- Japan

    3rd place: ^LEX^ Russia

Realistic Battles mode:

    1st place: DER ADLER Russia

    2nd place: DISLIKE Russia

    3rd place: 4K BW Russia

We thank all the teams, fans and arbiters and the tournament sponsor - Mad Catz!

You can watch the streams of the Grand Finals on our official Twitch Channel.

The War Thunder Team

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