9 September 2016

Dislike Cup 7x7

Dislike Cup — Tournament from the Thunder League Champions!

Dear friends!

Watch the English match streams
on the team THINK twitch channel

This weekend, tune in to the live streams of matches of the first tournament by the Champions of the Thunder League, team Dislike with the support of Gaijin Entertainment.

Viewers will be able to witness some exciting engagements in the combined 7x7 realistic battles, where 16 teams will fight for the title of the Dislike Cup winner and the following prizes:

1st place - 27 000 Golden Eagles
2nd place - 18 000 Golden Eagles
3rd place - 9 000 Golden Eagles

For the first time, the leaders in realistic squadron battles will be able to meet in a tournament - Monsters (PVVD) and Tyrants (TYT), while other teams - 1Shot, Dream Team, For Life Gaming, YOKO, Akai Victory, Eurus, TGM, ROYAL, Wings Of Victory, Poveliteli, Dictators, GMU, 1NJG and Shiro Sakura fight for the top spot through the double elimination bracket.

The schedule and tournament bracket can be found here.

The War Thunder Team