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14 June 2016

Thunder League Deathmatch Tournaments

Fellow pilots and tankers!

This week you can take part in a new type of tournament - Deathmatch!

Deathmatch is a new type of tournament where player does not have any allies and all other players in the match are enemies! Deathmatch tournament can take place in the air or on the ground in any of the three game modes: Arcade, Realistic or Simulator Battles.

Exclusive access to the first tournaments in Deathmatch mode is reserved to the Thunder League First Season Dog Tag owners.

From June 14th, 15:00 GMT to June 18th, 15:00 GMT

Deathmatch air forces tournament from June the 14th, 15:00 GMT until June the 16th, 15:00 GMT​

Deathmatch ground forces tournament, from June the 15th, 15:00 GMT until June the 18th, 15:00 GMT

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  • Depending on the game mode, players will have a different number of Spawns in battle:
    • Arcade Battles - maximum 5 Respawns
    • Realistic Battles - maximum 3 Respawns
    • Simulator Battles - maximum 3 Respawns

The tournament will be running in test mode and may be switched off in case of technical problems.

The War Thunder team

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