Happy birthday, War Thunder! [10.11.2013]
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 Pilots and Tankers!

On the 1st of November 2008, The War Thunder game concept was approved and the development started. 4 years later, Open Beta Test in Russia began. This date is credited as birth day of the project.
During the last year of the Open Beta Test the game has been expanding and has had some major changes with each new patch: we added nearly 100 new planes, dozens of locations, introduced new modes and modifications, we had the game released on Steam and have run countless amounts of special events together. And soon we are going to release War Thunder for PlayStation 4 and give players access to the long-awaited tank battles.

During this time 5 million players have enjoyed the game and for each and every one of you we are preparing something really special:


On November 10th  War Thunder presents Golden Battles!




Congratulations from the War Thunder team!

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