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5 August 2013

"All for one!" Special

War Thunder presents "All for one" Special! Starting from today and until August 20th bring your friends to War Thunder and if 3 of them reach rank 6 in any Nation you will get 1800 Golden Eagles! That applies only to accounts that were created  not earlier than August 5th 00:01 GMT.

Invite your friends to War Thunder and get game bonuses and Golden Eagles.


War Thunder has invitation (referal) system, using which you and the player you invite receive game bonuses.

In order to receive them you should invite a friend who is no yet registered in War Thunder and send him a special link. Clicking it he should register an account and enter the game. As long as the invited player will get new ranks, you will receive different bonuses and rewards. You can see the detailed information here.
War Thunder Team
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