Oculus Rift in War Thunder
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Oculus rift, the most anticipated virtual reality headset will be supported by  War Thunder.


Alexander Polyakov, lead programmer of War Thunder, talks about new VR-system Oculus Rift and how it's implemented in the game.






"Oculus Rift is two devices in one: first of all it's virtual reality headset, which grants a player an opportunity to see virtual world with his eyes - left and right eye have a separate picture which cobines in a one 3D image; at the same time – it's a control device, turning his head a player controls his view in the game.

When news abput such a device appeared, we got very interested and ordered development kit at once.

When we started to integrate Oculus Rift in War Thunder, the feeling of presence, the feeling of altitude was incredible. You have absolutely realistic feeling of your exact position: you always know where the center is, when in an intense fight or performing maneuvers you can always keep an enemy well in your sights. Oculus Rift is absolutely incredible device, it provides great immersion in the game process and clear understanding of the combat environment around you and your aircraft - you really feel like you are actually there."


War Thunder Team


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