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19 April 2013

War Thunder Presents In-game Voice Chat!






Russian leading game-developer Gaijin Entertainment, in partnership with Vivox online communication services provider, present the new voice chat option for War Thunder players. Vivox-powered voice chat is now available for communication between pilots in ‘squads’ in cooperative multiplayer modes. Voice chat allows better coordination and communication between squad members and greater situational awareness on the battlefield.


Voice chat is integrated into the War Thunder client and grants easy voice communications in game without any third-party software. High quality Vivox technology for online communication provides instant and clear voice commands without affecting players’ hardware or internet bandwidth load. The voice communication options make War Thunder gameplay more interactive and more fun! War Thunder’s brand new voice-chat requires no additional adjustments and is ready to go right from the client’s start.


“Voice communication is a natural and the most comfortable way of coordination between players” - said Anton Yudintsev, Head of Gaijin Entertainment, - “Now War Thunder pilots have an easy and high quality method of communicating with each other using integrated voice chat”. War Thunder developers highly appreciate the possibilities of the voice chat feature both for new players and for more experienced pilots fighting in squads. In-game voice communication reveals new opportunities for newcomers' training and cooperative gameplay in the veteran squads.


Smart voice communication, instant situational awareness and better understanding of the battlefield - with the new War Thunder voice chat options it is easier and more fun than ever!


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