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Tips and tricks for air battles from PCGamesN 5 February 2016

While the realistic penetration and ballistic mechanics differ little from War Thunder’s Ground Forces, the increased speed and maneuverability make air battles an entirely different prospect. Additionally, there are no pathways to channel action into major points of contention,which means a battle can quickly devolve into a terrifying haze of flaming wreckages, bullets and occasionally - very occasionally - a still-flying, intact plane. Being that intact plane is your goal. This is your guide.

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Gamasutra: How we built the cross-platform WWII simulator War Thunder 2 December 2015

Part of Gaijin’s success of bringing War Thunder to its global market was making the game accessible to the majority of devices in play. No other game allows players on the same level and on the same servers regardless of whether they are playing it on a computer running Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, or Linux; on a Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) game console; or on an Android machine with an NVIDIA Tegra X1chip. Gaijin could not have fully realized the success of creating a cross-platform game without Intel’s dedicated support and dynamic tools at the ready.

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PCGamesN: The 101 Best Free PC Games 9 December 2015

A massively multiplayer World War 2 combat game that effortlessly encompasses all of the explosions and excitement that tanks and planes are capable of generating. War Thunder's recent updates lavish the fast-paced battler with dozens of new vehicles and game modes. It's a free to play gem.

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HistoGames: 1.53 update and realistic maps 5 November 2015

The developers of War Thunder know their business. Besides the fact that their game is very beautiful and exceptionally well optimized, they make it a point of honor to offer content and models as faithful and authentic as possible.

Read more War Thunder: Professional Tips for aircraft 11 November 2015

For those who are tired of arcade battles in War Thunder and want to make the next step to the historical battles. Here is our guide to start the battle. We give you tips and tricks for aircraft, weapons, tactics and more.

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Real vs. Game – War Thunder’s Stalingrad Tractor Plant and Cologne Map 21 December 2015

So, today we are going to talk about two new maps in the game War Thunder. These maps are beter knows as Stalingrad Tractor Factory and the Cologne Map. So when we take a closer look at the maps we see indeed that War Thunder did a great job on Stalingrad Tractor Factory.

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The future of VR in the workplace and where the developer of War Thunder fits into it 24 September 2015

Take CEO Anton Yudintsev, for example. This is a man with grand ambitions for VR technology within the videogame sector, predicting the birth of entire new genres. But, unlike other developers, here’s someone that seems is just as excited about VR outside the world of play. In fact, Yudintsev is equally as enthusiastic about its use in the workplace.

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JeuxVideo: How to survive in arcade mode 10 July 2015

Tutorial from JeuxVideo team about how to survive in Arcade mode and do your best in each battle.

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HistoriaGames: interview with developers of War Thunder 10 July 2015

This is a rare opportunity to ask any questions that we want the developer to his favorite game.HistoriaGames therefore wishes above all to thank Gaijin Entertainment for the opportunity that was offered to us to conduct this interview with their development studio. Several members of our team spend many hours of game War Thunder and this is a good opportunity to ask questions that concern our community and our readers.

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War Thunder's Cold Steel update turns down the thermostat and adds 20 new vehicles 2 July 2015

A herd of tanks stops in its tracks, a flock of planes cease pecking at carrion – something’s happening in War Thunder. It’s nothing to worry about, though. War Thunder’s just been hit with a massive update.

Cold Steel throws a whopping 20 new vehicles, air and ground, into the mix, and the first winter map, set in Finland, can now be fought in by lots of angry tanks.

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War Thunder review at 15 May 2015

Realism can seem scary in a game of this size and scale, but War Thunder is finely crafted to give you a beautiful experience that you need to try out for yourself.

Read more 4 reasons you need to play Tanks 3 April 2015

War Thunder is more than just air combat; check out our top reasons why Tanks is worth your time

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