Server update 31.10.2018
Bug fixes, changes in Naval Battles mechanics, changes in naval vessels DM (...)
31 October 2018
Update 27.10.2018 (
A bug that could cause a client crash when a vessel was destroyed in naval battles has been fixed: A bug when there was no option to choose a joystick axis displayed in controls menu has been fixed: Console players (PS4 and Xbox One) are now able to trade items received from the “Valkyrie I” trophy in the Workshop.
27 October 2018
Update 24.10.2018 (
G.55 and G.56 repair cost decrease, SB research point decrease.
24 October 2018
Update 23.10.2018 (
Fixed a bug removing sections of the Т32Е1 armor. Spalling effect has been optimized in x-ray view mode for naval battles. Requirements of Rank 4 researched vessels have been changed.
23 October 2018
Update 1.83 “Masters of the Sea” - Changelog
The Major Update 1.83 is here! Naval Forces OBT, a Royal Navy CBT line-up, German helicopters, new tanks and aircraft and much much more!
23 October 2018
Server update 17.10.2018
In all variants of aircraft Simulator Battles, a new system of RP reward calculation for victory and defeat has been switched on.
17 October 2018
Update 16.10.2018 (
Changes in economy, research points gain and module unlocks.
16 October 2018
Server update 10.10.2018
A bug related to the working mechanics of the referral system has been fixed.
10 October 2018
Server update 08.10.2018
Numerous changes in Aircraft Flight Models.
8 October 2018
Update 04.10.2018 (
Correction of a marker bug with ATGM helicopter, collision fix in Italy location (...)
4 October 2018


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