Update 31.01.2019 (
In game hud and camera bug fixes.
31 January 2019
Server Update 28.01.2019
Numerous changes and bug fixes for ground vehicles.
28 January 2019
Server Update 24.01.2019
A bug where it was not possible to fire an ATGM after replenishing its ammunition has been fixed.
24 January 2019
Update 14.01.2019 (
A bug has been fixed where in some rare cases a field repair on ground vehicles (automatically starts) during simultaneous start takes longer than a normal repair which needs to be activated manually (default “F” key). (..)Festive seasonal hangar has been switched off.
14 January 2019
Server Update 09.01.2019
Fix to the Realistic Ground Battles wrong repair time indicators Requirements for unlocking rank 4 for the USSR fleet have been increased.
9 January 2019
Server Update 28.12.18
Helicopter Arcade and Realistic battles have been switched off. Instead of them, Helicopter Enduring Confrontation is now available in the "Events and Tournaments” tab.(...)
28 December 2018
Update 28.12.2018 (
Aiming mechanics for naval battles have been improved. Guns’ aim indicators will now follow the vertical guidance level more precisely.(...)
28 December 2018
Update 27.12.2018 (
Displaying of bridges and embankments, as well as AI vehicles routes above them, has been fixed for most air locations in the game.(...)
27 December 2018
Update 25.12.2018 (
Bug fixes and battle rating changes.
25 December 2018
Server Update 24.12.2018
New Naval missions for the “Battle” mode has been added for the following locations: African Gulf, Green mountains gulf, Arabian sea. Player’s BR is 3.3 or below.
24 December 2018


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