26 September 2017 Update 26.09.2017 (Server Update)

F4U (all modifications) - Control in AB using “mouse aiming” (behavior of the instructor has been updated) has been improved.; Changes in PvE mission “Assault - Tank arcade”(...)

23 September 2017 Update 23.09.2017 (Server Update)

Info card for rocket armament has been updated: the penetration values that did not take armour piercing or HEAT effect into account and have been temporarily hidden as misleading.

22 September 2017 Update 22.09.2017 (

Client stability has been improved.; UI scaling options have been added; (...)

20 September 2017 Update 20.09.2017 (

Bugs relating to the armour of the MBT-70 and KPz-70 have been fixed, 3 inch Gun Carrier - a bug with AP rounds not being available has been fixed,Ho-Ri Prototype - 3rd person view camera has been adjusted, client stability has been improved, and more.

18 September 2017 War Thunder Update 1.71 "New E.R.A" - changelog

Dear players! It's time for a new major update for War Thunder! A full list of new features and changes is available in the changelog on the update page. 

7 September 2017 Update 07.09.2017 (

A bug occurring in aircraft with 2 pilots, where if one of the pilots lost consciousness the aircraft would be  considered destroyed, has been fixed.

4 September 2017 Update 04.09.2017 (

A bug which would cause higher than normal respawn scores when repairing or reloading on the airfield in combined RB battles has been fixed; Client stability has been improved.

28 August 2017 Update 28.08.2017 (

Spawn point requirements for rank 3-5 light tanks in combined Realistic battles has been reduced; Client stability has been improved.


23 August 2017 Update 23.08.2017 (

Fixed a problem where the inversion trail from an aircraft was too prominent in clouds.; Client stability has been improved.

22 August 2017 Update 22.08.2017 (Server Update)

Type 65 AA: bug fixed, where vehicle was able to fire with gunner knocked out.