Update 25.10.2019 (
A bug which would cause client or GPU driver crashes on Nvidia 20XX series GPUs has been fixed.
25 October 2019
Update 24.10.2019 (
Sight fix for EC-665 Tiger HAP and HAD, ATGM stat card correction [...]
24 October 2019
Server update (22.10.2019) -Economy and BR changes
Planned economy and BR changes are now live, various RP / SL modification.
22 October 2019
Update 17.10.2019 (
The possibility of sound artifacts occurring has been reduced. A bug related to the display of the lead marker has been fixed
17 October 2019
Update 10.10.2019 (
Changes in hull break mechanics, sounds and navy battles.
10 October 2019
Server Update (04.10.2019)
At the request of players, we have added the possibility to instantly assemble parts, with a slight increase in the requirements of the required materials. (...)
4 October 2019
Server Update (01.10.2019)
Leopard 2K - The type of night vision modification has been changed from thermal imaging to infrared.; Centauro, Centauro ROMOR, Begleitpanzer 57 - The type of night vision modification has been changed from infrared to thermal. (...)
1 October 2019
Update 01.10.2019 (
Flight model changes for F-100D, Mystere B2, F-4C
1 October 2019
Update 26.09.2019 (
A bug where rockets were not reloaded on ATGM carriers has been fixed.;A bug where the smoke grenades were not being reloaded has been fixed.(...)
26 September 2019
Update 24.09.2019 (
Saving and unloading methods of audio assets have been optimized. This will increase the stability of playback of the game sounds.
24 September 2019


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