Server Update 20.08.2020
“Anonymous trading mode” is now available on the market.
20 August 2020
Update 18.08.2020 (
A bug has been fixed where tone from missiles fired from aircraft was missing in cockpit view.
18 August 2020
Update 17.08.2020 (
Various bug fixes
17 August 2020
Server update 14.08.2020
Changes in APFSDS rounds cost.
14 August 2020
Update 14.08.2020 (
A bug which would result in the player’s screen becoming blacked-out while viewing the replay of the their ground vehicle’s destruction has been fixed
14 August 2020
Server update 13.08.2020
Changes to ground vehicles and aircraft
13 August 2020
Server update 11.08.2020
Fixes in sounds, aircraft and fleet.
11 August 2020
Update 04.08.2020 (
Fixes in sounds, aircraft and ground vehicles.
4 August 2020
Update 30.07.2020 (
The icons of corresponding gaming platforms (PC and consoles) have been added to the players nicknames. Icons for consoles will be visible to PC players and vice versa.
30 July 2020
Update 28.07.2020 (
Game performance has been improved for battles with large amounts of aircraft.
28 July 2020


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