Update 31.05.2018 (
A bug where it wasn’t possible to remove decals from a vehicle has been fixed.
31 May 2018
Update 30.05.2018 (
A bug where being in water whilst in a ground vehicle, it wasn’t possible to switch to the sniper view has been fixed.; A bug where zoomed view was saved when changing to another view (for example: switching between sniper view and 3rd person view by using zoom) has been fixed.
30 May 2018
Update 29.05.2018 (
A bug where user created sights did not work for vehicles that were either not researched or purchased has been fixed (...)
29 May 2018
Update 15.05.2018 (
A bug related to the display of distant objects during ground battles has been fixed.;Client Stability has been improved.
15 May 2018
Server update 10.05.2018
Numerous changes to Enduring Confrontation mode.
10 May 2018
Update 10.05.2018 (
A bug which caused the sight in ground vehicles equipped with stabilizers to twitch has been fixed.; A bug where it was not possible to switch to the squad’s allied vehicles in the mission “Battle of Santa Cruz” has been fixed.(...)
10 May 2018
Server update 08.05.2018
Lorraine 155 - The following parameters have been specified and corrected (...)
8 May 2018
Update 28.04.2018 (
A number of problems related to the interruption of certain sounds during battles involving a large number of players have been fixed; The volume of explosions from aircraft striking the ground, and bombs, has been increased (...)
28 April 2018
Server update 26.04.2018
Changes in game economy
26 April 2018
Update 25.04.2018 (
Players can now exchange hat decoration coupons from the “Hat” trophies for Warbonds; Several Hat decoration coupons can also be exchanged for rarer ones in the workshop.
25 April 2018


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