Update 12.12.2018 (
A bug, when buildings that could not be penetrated by a round would still be penetrated through, has been fixed
12 December 2018
Update 11.12.2018 (
Helicopter FM changes
11 December 2018
Update 11.12.2018 (
Numerous bug fixes.
11 December 2018
Update 10.12.2018 (
Numerous bug fixed
10 December 2018
Update 06.12.2018 (
A bug in the “boat control basics tutorial”, where a vessel would delay initiating the stop action when requested, has been fixed.
6 December 2018
Server update 30.11.18
Naval tutorial has been added.
30 November 2018
Server update 28.11.18
Battle Rating changes for aircraft and ground vehicles has been implemented.
28 November 2018
Server update 26.11.18
A new mission type, “battle”, has been added for Naval battles. See details in the dedicated forum topic.; A single time popup in the hangar screen, which recommends that players try vehicles and game modes they haven’t played yet, has been added.
26 November 2018
Update 22.11.2018 (
Fix to the gamepad cursor speed settings, and console camera movement performance in the hangar.
22 November 2018
Server update 21.11.18
The mechanics of aircraft usage in naval battles has been changed. Now, it is not possible to use aircraft with a BR higher than 0.6 of the maximum ship BR in one’s lineup.(...)
21 November 2018


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