Update 24.12.2019 (
A bug on the MacOS that led to just a quarter of the interface being displayed  has been fixed. Fixes to the AIM-9D, R-60, SAAB J-32, Rb24 and PL-2 air-to-air missiles, MiG-21MF and SMT and F-4C.
24 December 2019
Server update 20.12.2019
The Christmas-themed hangar has been activated; J21A-1; Challenger 2; Strv 103-0...
20 December 2019
Server update 19.12.2019
IJN Sendai, 25mm 2M3 gun fixes
19 December 2019
Update 19.12.2019 (
The possibility to select “liked maps” has been added. (...)
19 December 2019
Update 18.12.2019 (
A bug has been fixed where a ships radar station continues to operate even after the destruction of the radar module.
18 December 2019
Server Update (17.12.2019)
Prinz Eugen - Possibility of obtaining Baltic Stripe Type camouflage for completing tasks has been added. (...)
17 December 2019
War Thunder 1.95 - Changelog
A brand new Swedish Aircraft tech tree, the first Swedish tanks, ten new vessels, two new locations and an upgraded graphical engine with stunning Ray Traced Global Illumination, HDR support and a physical spark system!
17 December 2019
Update 13.12.2019 (
A bug causing the sensitivity to be very high when using the ‘zoomed-in’ mode in sights has been fixed. (...)
13 December 2019
Update 12.12.2019 (
Numerous bug fixes
12 December 2019
Server update 05.12.2019 (economy changes)
Planned economy changes.
5 December 2019


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