Battle ratings Update 09.07.2019
Battle ratings for aircraft, ground vehicles and the fleet have been changed.
9 July 2019
Server Update 05.07.2019
Changes in the “Squadrons” window (...)
5 July 2019
Update 04.07.2019 (
Client crash caused when trying to watching any server replay, fixed a controller vibration issue.
4 July 2019
Update 26.06.2019 (
A bug relating to ground battles, where there would be a delay when the colour of the armour-piercing reticle cross would change, has been fixed.; A bug which would occur after flying the Wyvern S.4, where other single-engined aircraft would have no thrust or propeller rotation after spawning in them, has been fixed.
26 June 2019
Server Update 25.06.2019
Changes in squadron interface.
25 June 2019
Update 24.06.2019 (
Improvment of the scoring of critical hits, vehicle eliminations, and kill assists to aircraft/helicopters:
24 June 2019
Server Update 21.06.2019
AMX M4, AMX-50 - Several bugs in the vehicle armour have been fixed. Missing armour details have been added.; A bug with “blacking” of the ammunition module without subsequent explosion of the vehicle has been fixed numerous vehicles.
21 June 2019
Update 21.06.2019 (
The spread of damaging elements in air-to-air missiles has been adjusted for more accuracy (...)
21 June 2019
Update 20.06.2019 (
A bug where guided air-to-air missiles could twitch and split apart when using the missile camera view has been fixed.; A bug where objects of the modular airfields in “Enduring confrontation” missions appeared partially underground has been fixed. (...)
20 June 2019
Server Update 19.06.2019
Fixes for the IJN Agano.
19 June 2019


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