Server update 01.08.2018
Bug fixes and BR changes for Naval Battles CBT.
1 August 2018
Server update 31.07.2018
Initial Soviet naval research tree has been added.
31 July 2018
Update 30.07.2018 (
A bug has been fixed where ground vehicles could be immobilised by minor obstacles, like fences, bushes, etc.; A bug where in AB ground forces, dropped bombs were not visible has been fixed; (...)
30 July 2018
Server update 25.07.2018
Naval Battles repair cost changes. RP rewards for Naval CBT have been doubled.
25 July 2018
Server Update 20.07.2018
Owners of the Soviet Project 1124 MLRS Gunboat will now see the vehicle in their research tree. You will not be able to participate in the current Naval battles, however, it can still be used in test drive. The Soviet research tree will be added very soon.
20 July 2018
Server update 17.07.2018
Accuracy, rate of fire and performance correction for a number of tank guns.
17 July 2018
Server update 12.07.2018
Battle rating changes implemented for aircraft and ground vehicles.
12 July 2018
Update 12.07.2018 (
The setting of what types of camouflage (fictional, unhistorical or historical) a player sees on other player vehicles in a battle has now been expanded to include decals. (Options → Vehicles customization → Show content in the battle).
12 July 2018
Update 06.07.2018 (
"A fiery ball" event fixes and Naval CBT changes.
6 July 2018
Update 04.07.2018 (
The uneven distribution of respawn areas on naval maps has been fixed.
4 July 2018


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