Game Rules

Game Rules

The following rules describe the requirements for the behaviour expected of War Thunder players on the game servers. All of these provisions are consistent with the Rules of the Gaijin Entertainment User Agreement. The game master cannot provide any information regarding the punishment outcome that griefers receive for their action.

The introductory part - the terms used:

  • Nickname - a unique player name, chosen for use in the project by the player, the name will identify the user/player in the War Thunder game servers and on the forum or any other portal that is connected to the player account.
  • Devoice - set text chat to "read only".
  • Game Master - an official appointed by the administration of the project - responsible for the adherence of the Terms of Use on the War Thunder game servers.
  • (Moderated) text chat - an area on War Thunder (game) servers where the observance of the Terms of Use will be enforced.

2.1. Nicknames.

      It is forbidden to use nicknames that contain, use or describe any:

  • 2.1.1. Obscene or abusive language, words and consonant with the words and phrases in any language writing, including transliteration.
  • 2.1.2. Words, phrases and idioms that promote discrimination at all levels, including national, racial, ethnic, sexual.
  • 2.1.3. Words, phrases and idioms related to psychotropic or narcotic substances and their use.
  • 2.1.4. Nicknames, in whole or in part composed of copyrighted trademarks and names.
  • 2.1.5. The names of politically historical figures of the 19th-21st centuries.
  • 2.1.6. Nicknames, in any way associated with figures existing or in history, who have violated or currently violate the Russian or International law, including the first and second names of Nazi leaders, or names of any other military criminals.
  • 2.1.7. Logotypes, symbols, emblems or figures connected in one way or another with organizations that violate or were violating existing laws and rules (for example, using different variations of Nazi symbols, abridgements and signs (SS and 1488), as well as credentials, names and surnames of Nazi leaders/War Criminals), also figures that are a reference to drug use such as 420.
  • 2.1.8. Profanity and insult via direct statement or implication (full or partial circumvention). This includes the use of swearing, medical-related reference (such as cancer, mental illness, etc.), offensive and abusive language, and other references of an insulting or profane nature.  Automatically filtered items are exempt from action.
  • 2.1.9. Nicknames which may provoke strong negative reaction/association or promote national/ethnic/religious hatred.
  • 2.1.10. Uniformed Military Personnel associated with the World War 2 Axis Powers.
  • 2.1.11. Names connected with negative historical or political personalities, first of all, those who are judged by international courts for crimes against humanity, those that generally arouse feelings of suffering or disgust in the majority of people, as well as members of currently existing terrorist organisations;
  • 2.1.12. Nicknames that are misleading about their affiliation with Gaijin staff and administrators.
  • 2.1.13 Names that relate to wilful incitement to non-paying or avoiding play to prove a point.
  • 2.1.14 Nicknames judged to be Insulting and inflammatory by the Gaijin Staff and administrators.

2.2. Punishment.

Penalties for violations of paragraphs. 2.1.1. - 2.1.14. These rules may be imposed both on the basis of complaints received from the players, logs and from the analysis of the database of players.

The moment of redressing the violation is considered to be the moment reflecting nick changes in the account database of players. The game master cannot provide any information regarding the punishment outcome that griefers receive for their action.

  • 2.2.1. In case of violation of paragraphs 2.1.1.-2.1.14 in these Rules, the administration reserves the right to change the player's nickname in the database, generated randomly, without any warning or notification to the player
  • 2.2.2. In the case of repeated violation of paragraphs. 2.1.1.-2.1.14 in these Rules, the account may be blocked to a player permanently.

2.3. Text chat.

Text chat in War Thunder games may be Default Game chat areas, private messages and chat channels created by players. Text chat in War Thunder games is moderated. The game master cannot provide any information regarding the punishment outcome that griefers receive for their action.

All responsibility for the content of the messages in player created text chat is given to the creator of the channel, regardless of who was the author of the communication that breaks the rule. Exceptions to this are Private messages, open chat and default channels where it is the responsibility of the offending player.

The text is not allowed to be:

  • 2.3.1. Meaningless and empty messages (spam), including re-use game radio commands and excessive use of caps lock.
  • 2.3.2. Obscene or abusive language, words, and consonant with the words and phrases in Any Language writing, including transliteration.
  • 2.3.3. Personal and group insults, the humiliation of persons of a particular gender, sexual orientation, religion, and other topics that are not compatible with the standard laws of morality and decency. This may include negative events in History or obvious topics that can lead to dissent and insult in context.
  • 2.3.4. Discrimination and the promotion of discrimination at all levels, including national, racial, religious, ethnic, sexual.
  • 2.3.5. Profanity and insult via direct statement or implication (full or partial circumvention). This includes the use of swearing, medical-related reference (such as cancer, mental illness, etc.), offensive and abusive language, and other references of an insulting or profane nature.  Automatically filtered items are exempt from action.
  • 2.3.6. Political and religious discussion or propaganda.
  • 2.3.7. Any advertising messages, including advertising third party game projects.
  • 2.3.8. Any other type of provocative behaviour in the chat.
  • 2.3.9. Propaganda of drugs and psychotropic substances.
  • 2.3.10. Any manifestation of Nazism, nationalism, inciting racial, ethnic, sectarian strife and hatred, incitement to overthrow the government by force.
  • 2.3.11. Discussion of hacking techniques, software protection and any illegal ways to bypass the security software put in place by Gaijin Entertainment.
  • 2.3.12. Attempts to impersonate a developer, project officer (moderator of the forum, moderated chat, community coordinator, and game master), or a representative of the administration of the project.
  • 2.3.13. Discussion of Piracy of any media format (e.g. Software, Audio or Video)
  • 2.3.14. Post personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, phone number, etc.) in the forum's public spaces.
  • 2.3.15. Any discussion on the purchase, sale and exchange accounts.
  • 2.3.16. Wilful incitement to non-paying or avoiding play to prove a point.
  • 2.3.17. Any form of serious threat or harassment.
  • 2.3.18. Game Masters will take action on any other issue not covered by the above.

2.4. The process of dealing with text chat moderated complaints. Punishment.

  • 2.4.1. Violation of paragraphs: 2.3.1.- 2.3.18. may result in a chat lock (devoice) for 2 days for the immediate suppression of violations. Game masters can then impose an additional penalty under the paragraph. 2.4.5
  • 2.4.2. Game rooms and Chat rooms created by players are not directly moderated by a Game Master. They are however subject to complaint and can be acted upon if Game Master feels it is valid.
  • 2.4.3. Private messages are not moderated. In the event of a conflict in personal correspondence, the player has the ability to block messages from the offender, however, should the offending player continue to harass the reporting player, continually abuse this function or use extremely offensive language, a Game Master may take action.
  • 2.4.4. For complaints filed through the in-game reporting functionality, referencing an offence that was made 14 days or more previous to the report are considered expired and void.
  • 2.4.5. In cases relating to paragraphs 2.3.1.-2.3.18.  on the basis of actioning in-game complaints, Game Master imposed punishments can vary from verbal warning only, devoice for varying lengths of time and ultimately game account suspension or even deletion.

2.5. Damage to allies (Team Kills, Team Damage & Griefing).

  • 2.5.1. In-game complaints about Team Kill, Team Damage & Griefing, may be considered by game-masters under unusual circumstances, however, a penalty will be imposed via an automatic system under normal circumstances, based on an analysis of the in-game behaviour of players.
  • 2.5.2. Paragraph 5.1. Rules do not apply to officially announced events and authorised administration gaming activities (Stream, championships). In the case of damage or destruction to allies during organised activities on the game account, the offender may receive an imposed lock for 3 to 7 days.
  • 2.5.3. Organised griefing, team killing or team damaging (Large scale, Clan disruption for example) must be reported outside the game against the relevant replay accessible here.

2.6. Spam, abuse of the in-game reporting system and complaints.

  • 2.6.1. In the case of the excessive use of the in-game system for complaints, it may be judged that the user has inflicted spam which is an abuse of Gaijin staff, Gaijin itself or it's employees, a game master can impose a penalty by devoicing or locking the game account for up to one day, in the event of repeated violations, this can be increased to 7 or more days.

2.7. Other cases

  • 2.7.1. The administration of the project reserves the right in case of player actions that are not directly connected to any existing prohibition, but cause massive negative reaction and complaints from other players, to impose on the player's game account a punishment in the form of a lock of the gaming account for a minimum of 3 days, up to a permanent block of the account.
  • 2.7.2. The administration of the project reserves the right in the case of player actions aimed at bypassing earlier penalties imposed on the player, including the creation of additional accounts, to apply a block on all accounts of the player, which may include a permanent block.

2.8. Arbitration. Appeal against punishment.

  • 2.8.1. In the case of disagreement with the given game master penalty, the player has the right to ask for explanations to any of the game-masters via private message on the forum or the game.
  • 2.8.2. If in the course of analysis of the situation by the game master, the parties fail to resolve the situation, the player has the right to complain to the senior administrators or game masters. The result of which shall be the final revision and cannot be appealed. Further attempts to convince the administrator regarding the reasonableness of punishment will be strictly punished.
  • 2.8.3. Correspondence between player and game master or administrator is personal. Partial or full displaying of correspondence on the forum or other sites is not permitted. The transmission of information from the correspondence to third parties is unacceptable.

2.9. Squadron Ruleset

  • 2.9.1 Naming and descriptions of clans/squadrons falls under the same rules as game/forum names. If you have a name that is not appropriate and in accordance with the rules, the squadron will have to change the name or it will be disbanded.

2.10 Creating Channels rule 

  • 2.10.01 Creating new channels fall under game rules.  If your channel has a name or description that is inappropriate, the channel will be deleted.

2.11 Unsporting behaviour - in-game behaviour which is designated as:

  • 2.11.01 Damage or griefing of a player's own teammates
    • Damage or destruction of own team members.
    • Targeted blocking of movement of own team members (propping, blocking driveways or paths).
    • Targeted blocking of the line of sight of own team members.
    • Pushing or nudging friendly player (into water, out of cover etc).
    • Disclosure of the position of any own team members to the enemy team.
  • 2.11.02  Obtaining and usage of non-designed advantage over an enemy team:
    • Installation and usage of unauthorized modifications to the game client.
    • Usage of bugs and errors in the design of game locations (driving into rock texture and buildings, driving underwater).
    • Usage of errors and bugs in the game mechanics.
  • 2.11.03  Participating in battles with foregone in advance conclusion (contractual fights and or padding)
  • 2.11.04  Other actions which violate the principle of fair play.

Changing, interpretation and updating the rules.

  • These rules may be amended and supplemented by the decision of the Administration of the project without prior notice to players.
  • Rules are considered to be in action from the moment of publication.
  • The Administration has the final say in any disputes regarding rule interpretation.

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