26 March 2015 Mouse Aim mechanics reverted

Based on the feedback you have provided, we have decided to revert the recently introduced new Mouse Aim mechanics to review them.

26 March 2015 Update 26.03.2015 (Server Update)

Air and tank Simulator battles have been moved to a separate section called “Simulator Battles”; Difficulty settings changed for combined Realistic battles (no markers for enemy vehicles); Difficulty settings changed for combined Simulator battles (markers have been deactivated); You can find the detailed description of mode changes in our Devblog.

26 March 2015 Update 26.03.2015 (​)

Errors that lead to damaged cannon not to be restored to it original characteristics after it was repaired have been fixed; Mouse-Aim control configuration fixes - aircraft behaviour while controlling it through the keyboard has been changed; Some login crashes have been fixed.

25 March 2015 Update 25.03.2015 (

Several crashes have been fixed.

25 March 2015 Update 25.03.2015 (

This update includes: Changes to wagers, balance changes on locations, various changes to ground forces mechanics including ammunition and armaments, changes in aircraft mechanics and flight models as well as sound, interface and PS4 specific changes. Read the full changelog here!

16 March 2015 Update 16.03.2015 (

Improved notification when the outcome of a wager has been granted; Fixed several causes of crashes and performance issues within the game client; Fixed a bug with the secondary fragmentation effect of armour...

13 March 2015 Update 13.03.2015 (Server Update)

Error when driven damaged track or adjusting wheel didn’t cause track removal fixed; Error of secondary fragmentations not appearing when armour was penetrated by AP shell fixed; Chance of fire starting when hitting with kinetic projectiles has been increased.

13 March 2015 Update 13.03.2015 (

Sound of the canopy closing on Typhoon Mk.1a has been fixed; Error with absent sound when player shoots the last shell in the clip has been fixed; Error that led to inability to change ally in the squad marker colour has been fixed; Error that led to change of the minimap scale in artillery strike mode has been fixed...

6 March 2015 Update 06.03.2015 (Server Update)

Fixed Ground vehicle “invisibility” in some cases; Improved award calculation when using boosters. The effect of multipliers will be higher and now not only accounts for all battle actions, but also mission rewards (e.g victory); Achievements in battles “Wingman” and “On Hand” and corresponding wagers now correctly count assists on ground units.

4 March 2015 Update 04.03.2015 (

Binocular camera in turns with “first person view” mode has been fixed; A bug where other players could not see an aircraft crew if player bailed from aircraft previously has been fixed; Position from the front right track by T-32 has been fixed.

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