2 September 2015 Client

Client stability has been improved.

1 September 2015 Update 01.09.2015 (

Windows: A crash that occurred while using the AMD Gaming Evolved Client in some configurations has been fixed; Player induced damage and destruction to allied bases and airfields are now included within the automatic Teamkill penalty system.

25 August 2015 Update 25.08.2015 (

Several stability errors have been fixed.

21 August 2015 Update 21.08.2015 (Server Update)

Reduced the maximum fire rate of the F-34, ZIS-5 and ZIS-3 cannons from 10.8 to 8.7 shots per minute; Reduced the maximum fire rate of the L-11 canon from 9.6 to 8.4 shots per minute.

13 August 2015 Update 13.08.2015 (

Client stability has been improved; Fixed a rare issue that led to the Squadron Tag not being displayed for some players; Fixed a bug on Mozdok which made it possible for a spawn point to appear outside the minimap area...

10 August 2015 Update 10.08.2015 (

A bug where AI torpedo bombers didn't drop torpedoes and failed to destroy enemy ships has been fixed; Font in Battle Log has been fixed.

7 August 2015 Update 07.08.2015 (Server Update)

A bug when small secondary shards and cumulative jet could pierce through crew member has been fixed (secondary shards with low penetration can no longer pierce through several crew members sitting in line). ;

6 August 2015 Update 06.08.2015 (

Client stability has been improved

4 August 2015 Update 04.08.2015 (

T-10M armour has been fixed: turret ring hole’s diameter was larger than inner wall of the turret so tank’s crew and modules could have been damaged by spall fragments if hit under the turret ; The error with camouflage on the USSR premium M4A2 has been fixed. ; (...)

31 July 2015 Update 31.07.2015 (

Linux Launcher is now available; Various rare issues when logging in have been fixed; Some errors on Windows 10 have been fixed.

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