26 June 2015 Update 26.06.2015 (

Error where no grass was in location Mozdok has been fixed; A bug relating to the damage of AP projectiles containing explosives has been fixed.

24 June 2015 Update 24.06.2015 (

Fixed the progress bar for unlocking decals and camouflages; On the dialog "Select a crew", the button "Choose a crew" has been fixed; Client stability has been improved.

22 June 2015 Update 22.06.2015 (

Client stability has been improved; Client performance has been improved; A bug relating to the damage of projectiles containing explosives has been fixed.

18 June 2015 Update 18.06.2015 (

A bug where the damage indicator in aircraft battles wouldn’t show has been fixed; A bug where the queue would not be visible has been fixed; Fixed the positioning of the battle chat. The indicators will no longer overlap...

16 June 2015 Update 16.06.2015 (

Client stability has been improved; Incorrect display of damage in killcam view has been fixed; A bug where ground vehicles would slow down while moving on rough surfaces, has been fixed...

15 June 2015 Update 15.06.2015 (

Improvements to network stability.

12 June 2015 Update 13.06.2015 (

Barrage balloon descriptions in the battle log have been corrected; Incorrect messages displaying the damaged parts of an aircraft when being destroyed have been fixed; The camera view of the driver in spectator mode has been fixed...

9 June 2015 Update 09.06.2015 (

Fixed the effect of the spinner fairing when it would become invisible while reducing rotation speed; Client stability has been improved; Improved the behavior of bombers in low-altitude attack situations.

5 June 2015 Update 05.06.2015 (Server Update)

Fixed ricochet phisycs, ammo rack adjustments, speed adjustments, and much more .

31 May 2015 Client 31.05.2015 (

Spectator and artillery camera controls have been fixed.

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