25 April 2015 Client Update 25.04.2015 (

  • Unpredictable crashes have been fixed.

17 April 2015 Client Update 17.04.2015 (

Issue with AMD/ATI cards forcing ULQ on WinXP fixed; Aircraft not showing from cockpit view on long distances fixed; Several crashes fixed

16 April 2015 Update 16.04.2015 (

Hotfix: Client crashes on some PC’s with intel video card have been fixed.

15 April 2015 Update 15.04.2015 (

Hotfix: Unpredictable crashes have been fixed.

15 April 2015 Update 15.04.2015 (

Improved visibility through aircraft telescopic sights; Improved rendering in aircraft cockpits; Fixed a bug where the player received reports of damaging an already destroyed ground vehicle; Crews of vehicles not used in battle will not be locked if there were no available crews (due to not enough spawn points) when the player left the battle. Note: Certain loadouts (such as rockets) can influence spawn cost. Regarding the locking of crews, the system will always take the base spawn cost of the vehicle into consideration.

2 April 2015 PS4 Update 02.04.2015 ( PS4 1.15)

[PS4] Some crashes have been fixed; [PS4] Fixed incorrectly displayed indicator in bomb sights.

1 April 2015 Update 01.04.2015 (

Optimizing DX9 render - increase of FPS; Reduced the allowed size for decals; In Ground Forces RB markers on allies will be displayed ALL THE TIME, both on aircraft and tanks.

27 March 2015 Update 27.03.2015 (

Game Mode 'Ground Attack' in RB has been activated; Nicknames will now be shown in replays in Refree mode; Grass can now be deactivated in binocular view; Some crashes have been fixed.

26 March 2015 Mouse Aim mechanics reverted

Based on the feedback you have provided, we have decided to revert the recently introduced new Mouse Aim mechanics to review them.

26 March 2015 Update 26.03.2015 (Server Update)

Air and tank Simulator battles have been moved to a separate section called “Simulator Battles”; Difficulty settings changed for combined Realistic battles (no markers for enemy vehicles); Difficulty settings changed for combined Simulator battles (markers have been deactivated); You can find the detailed description of mode changes in our Devblog.

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