First view of British Ground Vehicles

We would like to proudly present to you a project that the development team has been working on diligently for a long time - British ground vehicles!

Slovak National Uprising

Slovak soldiers and aviators actively participated in campaigns on the Eastern Front, but major German defeats in battles of Stalingrad and Kursk stirred serious doubts about Slovak-German alliance.

28 August 2015

Lavochkin La-7

A step up from its La-5 predecessor, the La-7 is one of the main Soviet fighters of Era IV and is very useful at lower altitudes. Its turning capabilities often give German and US aircraft a run for their money!

27 August 2015

Has decal
War Thunder Video Tutorials - Part 14: Crew

Our series of video tutorials continues in War Thunder! In the fourteenth video, we will discuss the crew in aircraft and ground vehicles in War Thunder!

26 August 2015

The Iraqi Air Force

In today's National Forces article, we will take a look at the Air Force of Iraq which, during World War II, took part in combat operations on both the Allied and Axis side.

25 August 2015

Has decal
PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf. A & F

The Armoured Assassin. This tank looks unremarkable and its stats seem unimpressive, but this unassuming Czechoslovakian designed tank is deadly...

24 August 2015

Has decal
War Thunder Screenshot Competition - August - Week 3 Winners

Our ongoing War Thunder screenshot competition has produced another round of amazing artwork. This time, we show you the results from the 3rd week of August.

23 August 2015

War Thunder EPIC PLAYS #23

Pilots and Tankers! We continue the video series under the project: “This Is War Thunder - Top 5 Epic Plays”

22 August 2015

The Big Q&A with CEO Anton Yudintsev

During Gamescom 2015, players had the chance to ask Gaijin CEO Anton Yudintsev about War Thunder - and here are the answers, together with those for the questions asked on our website!

22 August 2015

Prize Question: The Winners!

The Big Q&A with Gaijin CEO Anton Yudintsev is going live soon - but first, let's officially announce the winners of the related Prize Question competition!

22 August 2015

Jolly Roger

Friends! Summer is full of surprises, sometimes these are not so pleasant, August ends with an invasion... of pirates!

21 August 2015

The ShVAK Cannon

The ShVAK (abbreviation for Shpitalnyi-Vladimirov Aviatsionnyj Krupnokaliberny aka “Shpitalny-Vladimirov Large Caliber for Aircraft”), was the most frequently used Soviet 20 mm cannon during the World War 2!

20 August 2015

Q&A Announcement

As you know, the War Thunder team has lead an ongoing section on the forum with “Questions to the Team”. In addition to this, we will be introducing a new method of communication where players can send questions to our developers.

19 August 2015

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