Trailer Competition: Heroes Redux

Participate in our latest Community Trailer competition and re-interpret a War Thunder classic!

P-47D-25 - The All American Juggernaut

The affectionately known “Jug”, is one of the most popular and Iconic aircraft of the US Inventory. A universally multirole aircraft with a plethora of weapons in its arsenal, the P-47 Thunderbolt has a reputation for durability and all round effectiveness regardless of the role it plays in battle.

9 February 2016

How can you get an SMK tank? Warbonds!

Pilots and tankers, we now have new offers for you in the renewed “Warbonds” shop. Now, there is the two-turreted “Soviet Giant” - a premium SMK tank and various premium aircraft from different nations.

9 February 2016

A Rare Bird - Do 335

Meet the Do 335 "Pfeil" - an aircraft of unusual design with tandem-mounted engines, a true air monster!

8 February 2016

Get Ready For... Enduring Confrontation, Pt.2: Situational Awareness

After talking about the basics of Simulator piloting in the last episode, YouTuber DerSheriff will today detail an important subject often overlooked by new virtual pilots: Situational Awareness in aerial combat. Have fun watching!

6 February 2016

Thunder League first season summary

The “Thunder League” was created for you - the viewers - in the first place. While making a tournament we did understand that we need a story that will attract the audience and we believe we reached our goal - thousands of players became familiar with War Thunder eSports.

5 February 2016

Rapid Fire!

Join the 'Rapid Fire!' event this weekend and battle in AA vehicles for victory! Are you brave enough to call-in air support in this battle of AA only?

5 February 2016

Cromwell Mk I

One of the most iconic British tanks of the Second World War, the A27M Cruiser Tank Mk VIII Cromwell Mk I was the first of the Cruiser Series to really bring an effective, fast and reliable tank capable of holding its own against the Superior German Panzers of the period.

4 February 2016

Thunder League - Your time has come!

The first Pro Division season is now over. Tens of thousands of viewers followed some of the most heated battles between the best teams. Now the time has come to create a fundamental structure for the Thunder League.

4 February 2016

How to not lose playing SPAAGs

Nothing is more lethal to a tank than a bomb. If the enemy has air superiority, that's a guaranteed tough luck - unless you have something on the ground to defend yourself with. Learn the basics of being an effective AAA commander in our newest video.

3 February 2016

10,000,000 Views - Victory is ours!

'Victory is ours!', the War Thunder Live Action Trailer that took the world by storm, is celebrating more than 10,000,000 views. Scoring a multitude of awards and nominations, 'Victory is ours!' has become the game's most successful trailer to date.

2 February 2016

Ace of the Month - February - Lt(JG) Hiroyoshi Nishizawa

Fiercely independent and taciturn on the ground, in the air he could command his fighter to do impossible aerobatics as a martial artist could perform astounding feats of acrobatics, Hiroyoshi Nishizawa achieved the bujutsu of aerial combat.

2 February 2016

Cash payments in Mexico

We are glad to announce that cash payments are now available in our Online Store!

1 February 2016

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