The End of WWII in the Pacific

From 12:00 GMT on the 4th of September to 07:00 GMT on the 7th of September, join in on events based on the battle Iwo Jima, commemorating the end of WWII.

4 September 2015

Structures of Aircraft

The airframe is a compromise of weight and strength, but expense in treasure, materials, and speed of construction play their part in the design and evolution of aircraft. One can also see the telltale signature of the originating country from these factors.

3 September 2015


During the interwar years, the development of self-propelled artillery was practically nonexistent in the Soviet Union. Those few projects, based on the chassis of T-26 light tank, such as SU-1, AT-1 or SU-26, were eventually cancelled, and the Red Army entered the Second World War entirely without a dedicated self-propelled gun.

2 September 2015

The End of WW2

2nd of September, 1945 - The inferno that was World War II is officially extinguished. The global conflict is laid to rest and the sacrifices made by all nations of the world will be permanently remembered by all.

2 September 2015

The Beginning of WW2

While the world was still recovering from the horrors of the First World War, it was clear that many had not yet learned their lesson. In ignorance of this, the world was once again at war...

1 September 2015

War Thunder Skin, Screenshot and Video Competition - August winners

We present to you the monthly winners of our current War Thunder Skin Competition, Youtube Competition & Screenshot competition. Enjoy!

31 August 2015

War Thunder Skin and Screenshot competition August week 4 winners

We present to you the winners of our current War Thunder's Screenshot & skin Competition.

31 August 2015

Slovak National Uprising

Slovak soldiers and aviators actively participated in campaigns on the Eastern Front, but major German defeats in battles of Stalingrad and Kursk stirred serious doubts about Slovak-German alliance.

28 August 2015

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Lavochkin La-7

A step up from its La-5 predecessor, the La-7 is one of the main Soviet fighters of Era IV and is very useful at lower altitudes. Its turning capabilities often give German and US aircraft a run for their money!

27 August 2015

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War Thunder Video Tutorials - Part 14: Crew

Our series of video tutorials continues in War Thunder! In the fourteenth video, we will discuss the crew in aircraft and ground vehicles in War Thunder!

26 August 2015

The Iraqi Air Force

In today's National Forces article, we will take a look at the Air Force of Iraq which, during World War II, took part in combat operations on both the Allied and Axis side.

25 August 2015

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PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf. A & F

The Armoured Assassin. This tank looks unremarkable and its stats seem unimpressive, but this unassuming Czechoslovakian designed tank is deadly...

24 August 2015

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