Aviation Legends: F6F-3 Hellcat

Call it a Witch or a Hellcat, praise it or curse it, but this aircraft will always be the little terror of air combat at rank II. The Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat encompassed all that was best in American aircraft construction at the beginning of the war.

29 February 2016

The 4th Tournament for the E-100 - Teutonic Giants!

PS4 players can now battle for the unique E-100 heavy tank in a special tournament in Arcade Battles game mode for PS4 only!

26 February 2016

Aviation Legends: Bf 109E-4

The third tournament of the Aviation Legends series, featuring some of history's most popular aircraft in duel against each other, is on! From today, fight on even terms with other pilots on the famous Bf 109E-4 fighter aircraft and win Golden Eagles, unique titles and more!

24 February 2016

Decisive battles for a ticket into the “Thunder League”

We are looking forward to the hard fought battles of the final qualifier tournament between the 20th and the 28th of February .

20 February 2016

Aviation Legends: A6M2 Zero

Take part in the second tournament of the Aviation Legends series, where some of history's most popular aircraft duel against each other on even terms, this time in the legendary naval fighter A6M2 Zero. Join to win Golden Eagles, unique titles and more!

18 February 2016

The 3rd Tournaments for the E-100 - Teutonic Giants!

This Tuesday, the third Teutonic Giants tournament will begin and you will have a chance to win the main prize - the E-100 heavy German tank.

16 February 2016

Aviation Legends: Hawker Hurricane Mk. I

In the Aviation Legends tournament series, some of history's most popular aircraft will take part in an epic duel on even terms. In this very first tournament, it's all about the Hawker Hurricane. Join in and win Golden Eagles, unique titles and other prizes!

13 February 2016

Thunder League - Join the Qualifiers!

$20,000 for a victory in War Thunder? That's what our last Champions of the Thunder League won through skillful play and dedication. If you are a good War Thunder player, then you shouldn't miss this opportunity!

11 February 2016

Thunder League first season summary

The “Thunder League” was created for you - the viewers - in the first place. While making a tournament we did understand that we need a story that will attract the audience and we believe we reached our goal - thousands of players became familiar with War Thunder eSports.

5 February 2016

Thunder League - Your time has come!

The first Pro Division season is now over. Tens of thousands of viewers followed some of the most heated battles between the best teams. Now the time has come to create a fundamental structure for the Thunder League.

4 February 2016

Grand Finals Epilogue

In the Grand Finals of the Thunder League: played on Sunday evening, “Dislike” won against “Verve” in a tense battle, earning them the title “Champion of the Thunder League” and a prize of more than $20 000!

1 February 2016

Thunder League Division Structure

The time has come for our supporters to become participants - gather your teams and start to make your way to the top of the Thunder League - to the pro division!

26 January 2016