Weekend tournaments, March 18th and 19th

New tournaments from the! Participate and win great prizes!


16 March 2017

Make your vehicle more authentic!

Make your vehicle more authentic! We regularly introduce new decals you may unlock and/or purchase.


15 March 2017

Has decal
Type 60 ATM: Death on a Wire

The Type 60 ATM  is to become a Japanese carrier of guided anti-tank missiles. This APC, armed with some of the slowest ammunition in the game, is to appear in update 1.67. If you’ve always wanted to “unleash“ a predatory anti-tank missile, this tank is just the ticket!


15 March 2017

Update 1.67 “Assault” stream

Dear friends, War Thunder’s new update: 1.67 “Assault”, will soon become available to all our players and we invite you to check out the new vehicles and features during the official live stream.

14 March 2017

Sturmpanzer II: Tiny Annihilator

Low-tier German SPG Sturmpanzer II uses the mightiest HE charges in War Thunder so far.


14 March 2017

Exhaust Flames

Flames from the exhausts of aircraft engines – a small change that makes a big impression in War Thunder!


14 March 2017

Best Tournament players March 11th and 12th

Dear friends! Check out the weekly report about the winners of the TSS tournaments!


14 March 2017

Become a Thrustmaster tester pilot!

Apply to become the new Thrustmaster Tester Pilot and receive T.Flight Hotas 4 joystick for free. It's simple - just visit the Thrustmaster contest page!

13 March 2017

War Thunder 1.67: Further development for Simulator Battles

Very soon Simulator Battles will be a more transparent and simple mode, where apart from the usual choice of battle server the player will be able to independently choose an interesting battle.


13 March 2017

Update 1.67 "Assault" digest

Check out vehicles and locations that we prepared for Update 1.67 "Assault"!


11 March 2017

Naval pre-beta testing schedule

This weekend the participants of closed pre-beta will be able to test torpedo boats: S-100 (1944), Fairmile D 617-632 and Elco PT 314 on “Scandinavia”, “The English shore”, “Ice Fields” and “African Gulf” locations.


10 March 2017

Thunder Show: Total Destruction

It's time for your weekly episode of the Thunder Show! Enjoy our selection of epic and humorous Community videos of the week.


10 March 2017