Rescue operation

The port in which our allied ships are maintained is under attack! The enemy is overcoming the defences and are dominating the airspace. Under these circumstances, defenders will only be able to rescue the crew from the damaged and dangerously tilted carrier.


17 February 2017

Winter Games: Biathlon, Curling and Races

The Winter Games are here and we have prepared some events for our players.


27 January 2017

"Airfield Assault" and "Defense" Stalingrad, Enduring Confrontation "English Channel"

This weekend we will have aircraft event "Airfield Assault" and tank event "Defense" Stalingard!


20 January 2017

Team Deathmatch and Enduring Confrontation

This weekend, the epic Arcade experience with unlimited respawns 'Team Deathmatch 100' will turn any War Thunder location into a fierce battlefield, while aircraft enthusiasts can battle it out in Enduring Confrontation above the Ruhr! Good hunting!


16 December 2016

Battles in Ardennes

The most prolonged battle the US army had ever participated in, was known as the Battle of Hurtgen forest. In this weekend, you will be able to participate in it during the Special Events!


9 December 2016

Still Waters

Pilots,  we have a new assignment. The enemy has stolen our encoding device and are already preparing to send it back home. If they succeed, it will be a costly disaster. It does not matter by what means or with how many sacrifices it takes, but we have to rectify this mistake!


7 December 2016

Battle for Moscow

Participate in events dedicated to Battle of Moscow and don't miss 30% discount on a special Battle of Moscow Bundle!


2 December 2016

Battle of Moscow

The lands of Russia are vast, but there is nowhere to retreat. Take part in Battle of Moscow event!


24 November 2016

Celebrate “Panfilov’s 28” movie premiere!

The Movie “Panfilov’s 28” by “28 Panfilov’s Guardsmen” studio and “Gaijin Entertainment” is about to premiere in Russia on November 24th. In order to celebrate the film’s release, we have prepared an event, as well as a player’s icon and tank decal which can be won in the event.


16 November 2016

Battle of Iwo Jima

Pilots, today the success of the ground operation depends on you! Japanese troops have taken up defensive positions on mount Suribachi and are ready to repel a US attack led by the Marine Corps.


11 November 2016

War in Mid Air

In this event, teams are split between attackers and defenders. The task of the attacking aircraft team is to destroy tanks that are positioned inside the city and then anti-air units as well.


4 November 2016

“Halloween Mischief!” updated 01/11/2016

On “All Hallows eve”, diabolical beasties and spirits run amok, causing mischief and mayhem. Fight the good fight, defeat evil, see off the ghosts and the ghoulies, the witches and warlocks.


28 October 2016