St. Patrick's Day

There is a holiday in Ireland today and good guys invite all to hunt for pleasant trophies in battles!


17 March 2017

Has decal
Large Calibres and Rocket Science!

Only enemies which have been destroyed and torn to shreds can be considered ‘not dangerous’, and so, what better way to achieve this than with large calibre weapons?


10 March 2017

Day of the kindest, cute, beautiful, responsive, smiling...

Dear ladies, we congratulate you on this beautiful spring holiday!


7 March 2017

Spitfire Day - In honor of the first flight

The Supermarine Spitfire was able compete on equal terms with the best contemporary aerial combatants of other countries, was produced in many different modifications and has become one of the most recognizable aircraft in history. 


3 March 2017

Battle of Stalingrad

Dear players, we have prepared number of special events which you can participate in for the rest of the week.


22 February 2017

Rescue operation

The port in which our allied ships are maintained is under attack! The enemy is overcoming the defences and are dominating the airspace. Under these circumstances, defenders will only be able to rescue the crew from the damaged and dangerously tilted carrier.


17 February 2017

Winter Games: Biathlon, Curling and Races

The Winter Games are here and we have prepared some events for our players.


27 January 2017

"Airfield Assault" and "Defense" Stalingrad, Enduring Confrontation "English Channel"

This weekend we will have aircraft event "Airfield Assault" and tank event "Defense" Stalingard!


20 January 2017

Team Deathmatch and Enduring Confrontation

This weekend, the epic Arcade experience with unlimited respawns 'Team Deathmatch 100' will turn any War Thunder location into a fierce battlefield, while aircraft enthusiasts can battle it out in Enduring Confrontation above the Ruhr! Good hunting!


16 December 2016

Battles in Ardennes

The most prolonged battle the US army had ever participated in, was known as the Battle of Hurtgen forest. In this weekend, you will be able to participate in it during the Special Events!


9 December 2016

Still Waters

Pilots,  we have a new assignment. The enemy has stolen our encoding device and are already preparing to send it back home. If they succeed, it will be a costly disaster. It does not matter by what means or with how many sacrifices it takes, but we have to rectify this mistake!


7 December 2016

Battle for Moscow

Participate in events dedicated to Battle of Moscow and don't miss 30% discount on a special Battle of Moscow Bundle!


2 December 2016