7 February 2017

Tactical Tournament 7x7 in a new format!

Prize fund: 95000 Golden Eagles + “Gladiator” and “Steel Legion” decals


Combined battles 7х7 tournament in Realistic Battles mode:

We have pleasure in introducing a new tactical tournament format, where each team has a limit on how many different vehicle types they can spawn. In order to win, you will need to use your available vehicle resources strategically and predict your opponent's moves in advance.

You can see the limits for different vehicle types that each team can use in a single battle in the image bellow:

The only vehicle type that a team can spawn without limitations are SPAAs.

This is not all of the new mechanics - each team has a maximum of 18 spawns, while each member of the team can spawn a maximum of 3 times. This means that you will need to plan your spawns during the battle, because not all players in your team may use their maximum number of spawns. (Example: 4 players can spawn 3 times each, while the 3 remaining players can use a maximum of 2 spawns each).


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