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War Thunder is more than just air combat; check out our top reasons why Tanks is worth your time

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War Thunder review at

Generally speaking, this is a fantastic action game with tons of battle-ready content. The focus is definitely on flight combat, but the ground battles will more than satisfy anyone gamer scared of heights.

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Der Stratege magazine reviews War Thunder Ground Forces

It's been a while since the last article to WT Ground Forces, and many things happened. A lot of bugs have been fixed, the game system and rebuilt, some new maps and features and a new nation added, the United States entered the battlefield. So what is going on with Ground Forces on the threshold of a next big patch coming soon?

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Gaijin in Top 100 Most Influential Video Game Studios

Gaijin Entertainment in Top 100 Most Influential Video Game Studios by

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Gaijin on American tanks and the future of War Thunder

Gamereactor talked to Gaijin about British tanks, VR, in-game tournaments and new projects in the pipeline for Gaijin in 2015.

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War Thunder first anniversary on PlayStation 4

How does War Thunder deliver 12 months on? Let’s examine Gaijin’s dogfighter and see how it’s done in the past year with PlayStation Universe.

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VRFocus: War Thunder dev talks VR support

VRFocus recently spoke to Gaijin Entertainment about the VR support for War Thunder. Below the developer touches upon how integration as grown, its hopes for the future and Project Morpheus support

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Gaming on Linux: War Thunder review

Though we already knew about War Thunder's Linux port back in June the release was still quite sudden and unexpected. So, let's find out if it's worth our time and how the F2P model works.

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Shacknews: Gaijin Details War Thunder Mobile On Shield Tablet

War Thunder is coming to Nvidia Shield Tablets thanks to Tegra K1 technology. Gaijin developer Alexander Trifonov talks about the new mobile game in this exclusive interview.

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Reaxxion: Does Gaijin’s War Thunder Represent The True Rise Of Indie Gaming?

I usually stick to the larger game publishers and generally view indie game developers as suspicious wasters of my very precious time. As a massive fan of World War 2 simulation games though, my interest was piqued and I downloaded what turned out to be a real free-to-play gem.

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