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Press section presents the materials which are published by Mass Media about War Thunder.

Media representatives wishing to prepare a publication about War Thunder may download a PRESS KIT.It contains a set of required media materials (logos, arts, screenshots).

For further inquiries, please contact press@gaijin.ru

Reaxxion: Does Gaijin’s War Thunder Represent The True Rise Of Indie Gaming?

I usually stick to the larger game publishers and generally view indie game developers as suspicious wasters of my very precious time. As a massive fan of World War 2 simulation games though, my interest was piqued and I downloaded what turned out to be a real free-to-play gem.

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Elysium Gaming: Review of the latest updates

Here is the 4th episode of Gaijin kitchen, reinforced by Paris Games Week and some information we got there. This time we will tell much more about caterpillars and shields unlike the previous Gaijin kitchen episodes.

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Game Guide: War Thunder interview at Paris Games Week

During the Paris Games Week expo, we had an opportunity to talk with Alexander Trifonov about War Thunder. The discussion began with the presentation of the future update: arrival of American gound forces.

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Millenium: Interview about War Thunder at Paris Games Week

Alexander Trifonov, Head of PR at Gaijin Entertainment found a minute to talk to us about War Thunder at Paris Games Week 2014

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Eclypsia: Interview with War Thunder team at Paris Games Week

Cockpits, tanks and flags! Everything was set up on the stand of Gaijin Entertainment at Paris Games Week to present War Thunder. At Game Connection we had a chance to meet Alexander Trifonov, head of media relations, who answered all our questions about the game.

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Enter the Rift: Interview with Anton Yudintsev

Anton Yudintsev talked to Enter the Rift about virtual reality technologies and game development for VR at Game Connection 2014 

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Italian IGN review of War Thunder

Here is the war as you want it: on your PC or PS4, simulation or arcade, air or land, challenging or relaxing, competitive or cooperative, free or paid. With, in addition, the right to replace the above "or" with many "and" in a "click". Read more

War Thunder PS4 review from IGN.de: The almost complete war

If you like to play tanks together with aircrafts, you should try War Thunder, because the implementation is really successful. Read more

PC Gamer review of War Thunder

When I swoop in behind an enemy fighter, drop the crosshairs just above the cockpit, and watch the bullets slope into the fuselage until it comes apart like a broken kite, I feel transported. I'm an ace, a master of the skies. War Thunder drives me crazy. I'm not sure how I can ever leave. Read more

Fanbolt.com interview with Alexander Trifonov, Head of PR at Gaijin Entertainment

Andrew Stevens from Fanbolt.com recently spoke with Alex about War Thunder and got a little more insight into the game and its future Read more

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