Planned new features of  War Thunder to be introduced during open global beta:

Nearing Release:

  • tournaments;

  • improved co-op missions.

In the future:

  • “World War” Mode;

  • Bombers’ Cockpits.

Every update:

  • new maps, mission and modes;
  • flight model adjustments;

  • new aircraft;

  • bug fixing


  • player-controlled ground forces;

  • squadron battles;

  • in-game events;

  • players’ missions and Full mission editor;

  • player ratings;

  • new modifications for planes

  • extended “custom battles” options

  • “custom battles” hosted on dedicated servers

  • new economy model

  • new research system

  • improved match-maker

  • squadrons

  • localization into different languages

  • crew skill

  • personal statistics

  • renewed interface

  • leaderboards

A "Wipe" (reset of game statistics and player's progress) will NOT be performed neither during open-beta, nor after open-beta ends.

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