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The IL-10 Sturmovik was a Soviet WWII-era attack aircraft created by the Ilyushin Design Bureau in 1944. It first saw combat on 16th April 1945. Serial production of the IL-10 was set up at three factories, Numbers 1, 18 and 64 and continued for five years. A total of over 4,600 IL-10s were produced, as well as 280 training IL-10Us. A licensed version of the IL-10 was also produced at the Avia factory in Czechoslovakia from December 1951 until 1955, designated Avia B-33. In 1953 and 1954 Czech-produced variants were also exported to Poland, Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria. B-33s were armed with four NS-23RM cannon with 150 shells each. A total of 1,200 aircraft were built by Avia. 


The heavily armoured IL-10 with the AM-42 engine was a perfect embodiment of the Soviet "flying infantry fighting vehicle" concept, whose combat efficiency when providing close air support was increased by "high mobility" over the battlefield, and somewhat improved armament compared to those used on the previous mainstay Soviet ground attack aircraft, the IL-2. The IL-10's top speed at sea level was 540 km/h, 596 km/h at 2,600 m, and roughly 620 km/h at 5,000 meters. This meant that contemporary propeller-driven fighters could only catch up to the IL-10 given initial altitude advantage, or when using engine boost. Also, aerial combat was not easy.
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