This section presents you the list of in-game locations of War Thunder that are available to Global beta participants. The final list of locations will be shown later, and it will be much bigger.

All the information about the locations in War Thunder are published in “Missions and maps” category on official Wiki page. Players can participate in filling the War Thunder Wiki. You can improve an article you have valuable information about by pressing “Edit” button. Additions will be visible to other players right after approval of its quality by Wiki redactors.

Battle of the Bulge

The Ardennes are a mountain range on the border of Belgium and Germany. Due to the difficult terrain, a large number of troops cannot be deployed here, and so the region is of great strategic importance. Several airfields are located here as well as the city of Bastogne and many small villages. The Meuse River runs through the area.

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Siege of Malta

Malta and Gozo are two islands in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, to the south of Sicily. Malta is one of the most strategically important points in the region, as it is capable of virtually cutting off the navy and air routes between Europe and Africa. It is home to a large port and several airfields, including a hydroplane harbor in Kalafrana.

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Battle of the Ruhr

The Ruhr is a region in West Germany, the largest polycentric agglomeration in the country. It's the largest industrial center in Germany, which has oil plants, steel plants, military equipment production plants, and several airfields.

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Attack on Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is the largest U.S. naval base in the Pacific, and is located on Oahu, one of the Hawaii islands. It has a large harbor, a shipyard, and several airfields.

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Battle of Midway

Midway is an atoll in the North Pacific Ocean, near the northwestern end of the Hawaiian Archipelago. Home to a navy base and an airfield.

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Battle for the Kuban

Kuban is a region in Northern Caucasus, on the Black Sea coast; it includes the towns of Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk. The latter is located on the coast of Tsemess Bay, home to one of the largest and most convenient ports of the Black Sea. The region has several airfields and a naval base.

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Mozdok-Malgobek Defensive Operation

Mozdok is a city in the North Caucasus, on the banks of the Terek River. Malgobek City is on the right bank of the Terek River, south of Mozdok and the Terek Ridge, which separates the two cities. To the east lies the town of Grozny. This region holds five airports.

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Norwegian Fjords

The coast of Norway is covered with rugged, rocky fjords. This region contains one of the largest cities of Norway — Bergen, and the Herdla airfield.

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Battles of Khalkhyn Gol

Khalkhyn Gol is a river which runs through Mongolia and China. For airports are located in the region, three on the Mongolian side and one on the side of Manchukuo. The town of Nomangan Burd Obo is also located nearby.

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Battle of Guam

Guam is the largest of the Mariana Islands, which are located in the Pacific Ocean. The northern part of the island is a lime plateau created by coral, and the southern part is of volcanic origin and very hilly.

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