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Registration date : 14.02.2013

USA 40 17 9
USSR 65 30 6
Great Britain 23 8 3
Germany 80 38 7
Japan 27 2 3


Arcade Battles Realistic Battles Simulator Battles
Victories 1125 46 1
Completed missions 1956 102 2
Victories/battles ratio 57% N/A N/A
Number of flyouts 3300 93 N/A
Deaths 4352 112 N/A
Fighter battle time 9d 4h 12.24h 0.28h
Bomber battle time 2d 2h 1.97h N/A
Attacker battle time 15.45h 0.03h N/A
Air targets destroyed 3014 65 N/A
Ground targets destroyed 6561 137 3
Lions earned 25,829,358 1,180,150 N/A
XP earned 2.9M 96.4K N/A
Play time 11d 21h 14.25h 0.28h
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